Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Thank you: Web of Deceit a week on!

So it's been a week since my first publication day and I just wanted to thank all the readers, bloggers, authors and friends who have showed Mel and I such immense support. I was wished a ‘happy book birthday’ the day Web of Deceit was released, and that phrase still makes me smile now. For those of you who have left reviews on the Amazon sites, Goodreads, Blogs, Google Play and elsewhere, I send you a virtual hug. I now truly understand the importance of reviews, and pleased that as I reader I have left one for every book I’ve read over the past year.

Web of Deceit is a special story for me because there is some truth behind it. I did befriend someone on-line and met-up with her in "real life." It’s an honour and a privilege that that dear friend is now also my mentor and writing partner in crime. Our novella is not only an introduction to me as an author, but something to whet your appetite. The rumours are true, Mel and I are currently working on a new crime series, so watch this space for more info.

If you haven’t read Web of Deceit yet, click on any of the links below to purchase our eBook for 99p/99c.

Web of Deceit is available now for 99p/99c

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